Welcom to the largest database of paint scheme designs on the Internet!  The AircraftColor.com™ paint scheme designs have been compiled from the archives of Scheme Designers, Inc., the foremost company in the field of custom aircraft paint scheme design.

In addition tothousands of designs for individual aircraft owners and operators, Scheme Designers has designed the paint schemes and vinyl designs for the majority of the AOPA sweepstakes aircraft since 1999, as well as factory aircraft paint schemes for the majority of General Aviation aircraft manufacturers such as Piper, Mooney, Tiger, Schweitzer, Aviat, Quest, Daher-Socata, Lancair, Cubcrafters, Remos, LoPresti, Waco, Ibis Aerospace, Eclipse Aerospace and many others. Learn more about our design services.

This airplane paint scheme library brings the experience and creativity of world-renowned paint scheme artists to aircraft owners at an affordable price. It is anticipated that many clients will find paint scheme designs that specifically meet their needs within the AircraftColor.com™ paint scheme library. Subscribe Now!

Finding schemes you like in the AircraftColor.com™ library also saves you money when you subsequently work with Scheme Designers to perfect, engineer and specify you scheme for application.  Scheme Designers has three different design programs, and preselecting a design direction from AircraftColor.com™ will most likely result in you taking advantage of one of the lower cost design programs.  In addition, your first months AircraftColor.com™ subscription is applied towards your Scheme Designers design program.  Use Scheme Designers services to customize your paint scheme design, and your one-month membership in AircraftColor.com™ is free!

Should you wish, after selecting your AircraftColor.com™ design, Scheme Designers can help you customize the design and prepare it for the paint shop:
  • Change the airplane paint scheme colors and aircraft registration numbers, N#, on any selected AircraftColor.com™ design
  • Alter and change a selected aircraft paint scheme design to reflect your specific tastes
  • Apply a selected aircraft paint scheme design from one aircraft to another
  • Use the stylistic ideas highlighted in your design selections from AircraftColor.com to design a custom scheme specifically tailored to your particular need
  • Prepare detailed dimensioned drawings and written specifications of your airplane paint scheme for your paint shop.
  • Create precut vinyl paint masks to assist your paint shop in laying out the design.
  • Custom vinyl components for installation when a vinyl compatible design is selected.

If you would like to learn more, or just need advice for an upcoming aircraft-painting project, don't hesitate to us.  We will gladly discuss your project and paint scheme choices or vinyl design with you, and will provide a free, no-obligation quotation should you wish to use our design services.

Craig Barnett, CEO
Scheme Designers, Inc.

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